A Heartbeat Away – Dr. Woloson

Dr. Susanne Woloson, a board-certified vascular surgeon, helps improve the lives of her patients while balancing a meaningful life with her family in a community she loves. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBIN SUBAR













When Lake Forest’s Dr. Susanne Woloson was 21 years old and applying to medical school, geography played a big role in where she decided to go.

“I was a California girl and always assumed that I would return to California,” Dr. Woloson explains. “When I was accepted into medical schools in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago—I decided to do something completely different and try Chicago.”

She has never looked back.

Today, Dr. Woloson lives in Lake Forest with her husband, daughter, and four Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.



Vein disease can be “fixed” with the knowledge of the physiology involved and the use of new innovative procedures that we practice daily. While she performed all aspects of Vascular Surgery since 2000, three years ago Dr. Woloson decided to dedicate her practice to venous disease and formed Northwest Vascular and Vein Specialists, where her practice specializes in using the newest technologies available on the market. She was one of the first vascular surgeons to perform minimally invasive vein ablations and has one of the largest vein practices in the Midwest—having completed more than 10,000 laser ablations.

“All of our treatments are minimally invasive,” Dr. Woloson says. “Every procedure is performed in an office setting. I’m one of the most experienced and efficient physicians using these technologies in the country. We treat the patient’s symptoms and also provide a good visual result. There is no downtime and the patients come back for their two-week appointment already feeling so much better.”

Having first opened an office in Arlington Heights, Dr. Woloson has recently unveiled a second location closer to home in Libertyville.

“Our new space is very warm and comforting from the moment you walk through our doors. If you have pain or swelling in your legs, this is the time to make an appointment.”…..

Dr. Woloson had a wonderful write-up in Forest and Bluff. For patients seeking vein treatment in Lake Forest, you can call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Woloson at our Libertyville location. Our Libertyville vein clinic is only about 15 minutes away from Lake Forest.

Dr. Susanne Woloson of Northwest Vascular and Vein Specialists is located at 900 Technology Way, Suite 230 in Libertyville and 1614 W. Central Road, Suite100 in Arlington Heights, 847-577-5814, northwestveinspecialists.com.