Dr. Woloson

Vein Specialist

Dr Susanne Woloson Vein Doctor Arlington Heights and Libertyville, Il.
Susanne K Woloson, MD, PhD, RPVI is a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon with a PhD in Molecular Biology. She earned her combined MD, PhD degree from Chicago Medical School after completing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry from University of California, Davis. She trained in General Surgery at the University of Chicago from 1993-1998 with Fellowship training in Vascular Surgery at Loyola University from 1998-2000. She has been in private practice since July of 2000 and formed her own Corporation in 2004 specializing in all types of Vascular Surgery. In 2014, Dr. Woloson decided to focus on Varicose Vein Treatment and formed Northwest Vascular and Vein Specialists.

Dr. Woloson has always had an expertise in Venous Disease with her practice focusing on the newest technologies as they developed. She was one of the first Vascular Surgeons performing minimally invasive Vein Ablations 20 years ago. She has one of the busiest Vein Practices in the Midwest having done over 15,000 laser ablations. She is a Certified Physician Trainer for AngioDynamics, Inc. since 2010. She continues to educate herself on any technological advances in the field. She is a member of the American College of Phlebology and regularly attends meetings focusing on Venous Disease.

Dr. Woloson prides herself on educating her patients, taking the time that they need during appointments and respecting their time by staying on schedule. She responds to her patient’s phone calls quickly and calls her patients with their results on the day of their exam.

Dr. Woloson is dedicated to providing superior care to her patients and will remain a leader in the management of Venous Disease. With her expertise, she will continue to provide the most up-to-date treatment options for the treatment of cosmetic spider veins and varicose veins, to the most complex vein problems.

Dr. Woloson will always make sure her patients feel comfortable and assure that they leave with a clear understanding with their options.