Spider Vein Treatment

Although spider veins rarely cause uncomfortable physical symptoms, they can be a serious cosmetic concern. Spider vein treatment is a non-invasive method for removing those unsightly red and blue vein networks so that you can wear your short skirts and bathing suits without hesitation.

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a treatment to help eliminate unsightly varicose, reticular and spider veins by injecting a medication directly into the veins with a very small needle.  This medication initiates an inflammatory reaction that results in collapse of the vein. This can help to provide both cosmetic improvement and relief of some symptoms including burning and itching. Most patients experience a short period of minor discomfort that resolves after the treatment and with the help of compression stockings placed on the treated leg(s).

Compression stocking use after treatment is very important and is key to attaining optimal cosmetic results by keeping the veins compressed. Compression stockings are placed on treated leg(s) at the completion of a treatment session and are worn overnight on the day of treatment, then for 4 additional days during the day.

What To Expect After Sclerotherapy

After treatment, you can expect some swelling and redness at the injection sites which resolves within a few days and subsequent bruising which typically resolves in ~10-14 days. This is temporary and reflects the body’s natural response to treatment.  It is important to understand that your legs will look worse before they will look better and we encourage you to be patient with the healing/fading process.

We recommend you avoid strenuous exercise/don’t break a sweat for the first 48 hours after sclerotherapy. However, you may return to low-impact exercise (ie. walking, gentle yoga, leisure biking) after your treatment.  We also recommend that you avoid soaking in warm temperatures (ie. hot bath, sauna, hot tub) for 1 week after treatment.  Producing heat in your body will cause your veins to dilate (become bigger) and the goal of treatment is to get the veins to constrict down and close. Also no travel via long car rides (2hours) or Airplane for 1 week.

Side Effects of Sclerotherapy

Common side effects from sclerotherapy include hyperpigmentation (brownish skin discoloration) and telangiectatic matting (development of new tiny red blood vessels).  These can happen in ~20% of patients, however they do typically resolve spontaneously in the majority of patients within 6-12 months. To help avoid these side effects, it is very important to be compliant with the use of compression stockings.